Maldives - Sustainable Fisheries Resources Development Project

To improve management of fisheries at regional and national level.

Project Components

Support to Mariculture and Diversification of Fisheries

  • Development and demonstration of mariculture production and technology package.
  • Promotion of mariculture out-grower schemes and seafood growth clusters.
  • Supporting design, construction and operation of a multispecies hatchery.
  • Scoping of long-term marine fisheries diversification studies.

Augmentation of Institutional Capacity for Marine Fisheries Management

  • Development of key fisheries management and planning instruments.
  • Development and implementation of fisheries management activities.
  • Support to long-term program for fisheries management.
  • Fisheries sector capacity building.

Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Provide equipment, technical assistance and training.
  • Provide incremental operating cost to strengthen the overall administrative capacity and capability of the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture and its Project Management Unit (PMU).

Project At-A-Glance

Formation 01 November 2016
Type Joint
Status Ongoin
Purpose To improve management of fisheries at regional and national level.
Organization Ministry of Fisheries, Marine Resources & Agriculture
Key People
Affiliates World Bank
Duration 1st PHASE (2017 - 2021 (5 Years))
2nd PHASE -- N/A
Financed By The World Bank - IDA
Finance Type IDA Commited Grant
Project Cost US $18.00 million

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Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture

7th Floor, Velaanaage, Ameeru Ahmed Magu

Male' 20125, Republic of Maldives

Call: 3322328

To enhance governance and diversified sustainable use of marine fishery resources to create job and income opportunities in the targeted atoll communities.